4. Features

AmazeWallet’s main feature is that the app is also a node for our own AmazeChain. It can broadcast transactions as well as verify and create blocks, all on mobile. Users can opt-in to run a node that uses just 1-2% battery per day. After choosing an initial amount to participate, miners can receive a block reward in our native AMT cryptocurrency for their activity if they are online. It is built for mass adoption, where millions of everyday users help secure the network. Built around the node is a featured-filled ‘smartwallet’ that launched on 28 June 2023, with an MVP of several core features. Some may be Android only due to Apple restrictions.

  1. Wallet

A self-custodial wallet that allows users to store, buy and send digital assets trustlessly on over 60 chains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Avalanche, Solana, Optimism, ZetaChain, every EVM-compatible network and our own Layer 1 chain. Private keys are generated and held only by users, directly on their own device. • 24-word seed phrases • Custom token import • 1inch swap aggregator • Purchase via Onramper

  1. Web/Dapp Browser

A web browser allows users to connect to any DeFi protocol or dapp that supports WalletConnect v2. Access to DeFi services is on condition that the local regulatory institutions have marked it as a legal activity, and are properly regulated by applicable licences. This includes staking, lending and borrowing.

  1. NFTs

An NFT marketplace featuring exclusive top digital artists. Users can buy, sell and mint NFTs directly from their device in under 30 seconds (Android only currently). It uses our own chain to mint, but we also offer technical support for other chains and marketplaces. • Multi-format, up to 100mb • Buy-it-now and auction • Supports ERC-1155 tokens • Follow favourite creators • Trending pieces and 1:1s • Creator royalties built-in We’re in discussion with a number of brands and artists to onboard new use cases for our NFT marketplace like courses, subscriptions, tickets and more.

  1. Chat

Fully on-chain encrypted chat between contacts with unlimited messaging and 100mb file support. Uses public keys to deliver messages and files securely—and messages are unlocked only by the intended recipient. Share your profile with a QR code to add contacts easily. It feels like WhatsApp or Telegram!

  1. Mini-Games

Casual mobile games to play while mining and compete with friends. We’re also in discussion with several game developers to launch AmazeWallet-native games built on our own chain.

  1. News

RSS feeds that pull from popular news sites such as Decrypt, The Defiant, CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk and more. Together these features provide a comprehensive set of tools for users to manage what we call their ‘digital life’: from socialising to creativity and payments.

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