8. Roadmap

Since 2017 we’ve been researching and building our network. Our clear mission is to take the mobile segment of the $3 trillion blockchain industry.

• Jan. 2017: Technical roadmap and initial blockchain algorithm

• Dec. 2017: Introduced PoS consensus through VRF selection

• June 2018: Added P2P communication and multi-sig

• June 2020: Introduced ZK proofs (later ZK-EVM)

• Dec. 2020: State sharding, layering

• June 2021: Compatibility with ETH, Bitcoin, BSC and others

• Dec. 2022: Mobile phone consensus active

• June 2023: App on mainnet launches

Coming soon!

Developer SDK, Account Abstraction, Payments, DEX and more, dependent on obtaining the relevant operating licences. A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will be established to govern the development and rollout of these features.

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