6. Security

Everything we do has security at the core. Our CSO is a leading cybersecurity expert and there are a number of measures we take to ensure user keys and data, as well as the network itself, are as safe and stable as possible: For added peace of mind, our code has successfully passed a smart contract audit. Every transaction on the immutable AmazeChain ledger can be selected to be pseudonymous so as to protect user privacy, and messages are not only end-to-end but also peer-to-peer encrypted.

  1. Full self-custody of private keys: All encrypted private keys and phrases are stored within the phone, and do not touch external servers. Data within the app can only be accessed with the user’s password.

  2. All data within the app is encrypted and separated. It is achieved via numerous computing tools such as TrustZone©, Granule Protection and Instruction SET Architecture. This makes all sensitive data inaccessible through normal data storage systems.

  3. Multi-factor authentication: Identity and Access Management requires multi authentication factors in addition to user name and password sign-in credentials: Google Authenticator, Face ID, Secure Login, Phone Authentication and Email Verification.

  4. Transaction data is encrypted with more complex methods (better than SHA256). Some of the encryptions used are Lattice-based, Hash-based and Code-based cryptography. Tests have shown the encryption to be anti-quantum cryptography.

  5. zk-SNARKs are used to encrypt transactions, which help make anonymous transactions and add a layer of anonymity.

  6. Distributed validation mechanism makes sure all transactions are validity-proved. With the use of sharding, validity-proofs are completed faster and more efficiently, allowing for both scalability and security. AmazeWallet miners act as proposers of new transactions, and a validation node validates their respective shards and then changes the new state.

  7. IN-DEVELOPMENT: Specific data can be stored on multiple chains, so even if the data is difficult to access due to a certain accident or insufficient maintenance of one chain, all data is backed up on another chain.

  8. IN-DEVELOPMENT: Wallet can act as a cold wallet, via NFC technology, this also allows the wallet to complete transactions offline. Thus, making it more secure and improving the “remote attack” layer.

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