10. Amaze Foundation

The establishment of the Amaze Foundation is aimed at realizing a grand vision: enabling anyone in the world to access a peer-to-peer decentralized trustworthy network at low cost, anytime, anywhere. The main responsibility of the foundation is to incubate and manage technologies and applications in the field of decentralized network software protocols, especially those that leverage modern cryptographic methods to protect decentralization and are committed to maintaining the stability of the Amaze ecosystem.

To achieve this goal, the foundation will focus in the future on funding or otherwise assisting the development and deployment of projects aligned with its mission, including but not limited to:

• Innovative blockchain technologies and cryptographic messaging protocols to enhance network security and efficiency.

• Development and optimization of peer-to-peer network infrastructures, like libp2p and devp2p, to improve network stability and scalability.

• Design and implementation of cryptographic economic mechanisms and value transfer networks, such as distributed autonomous organization (DAC/DAO) software, and personal data non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to promote the development and diversity of economic activities.

• Innovation and application of data storage publishing systems, such as IPFS, to ensure data security and availability.

Through these efforts, the Amaze Foundation aims to promote the development of decentralized technologies and provide support for a broader community and ecosystem.

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