8. Application

Amaze Basic Application Capabilities

Payment System

Amaze ensures that all data and information are publicly transparent, immutable, non-forgery, and traceable without the need for third-party endorsement. As an underlying protocol or technology solution, Amaze effectively resolves transaction issues among parties lacking mutual trust and facilitates the free transfer of value. It offers Turing-complete smart contracts, operates year-round, decentralized, supports commercial-grade financial security, and guarantees continuous and accurate operation even if individual nodes or partial nodes fail.

Compared to other blockchain technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Amaze brings significant improvements, including:

• Transactions confirmed in seconds

• Low energy consumption, low cost, high usability

• Capability to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second

• Support for billions of account nodes (meeting the connectivity needs of everyone globally and future IoT devices)

• Support for financial application-level commercial security

Amaze's main application advantages lie in its high compatibility, scalability, and support for large-scale decentralized applications. While some traditional blockchain platforms are Turing-complete, complex applications often need to be split into multiple smart contracts due to code size and memory limitations, leading to slow operation and high costs. Amaze successfully addresses these issues.

Payment System

Traditional Bitcoin payment transactions take about an hour to confirm after being issued, which is not suitable for instant transactions like buying coffee at Starbucks. The transaction fees for Ethereum and Bitcoin are over $10, making them unsuitable for micro-payments. If there are 10,000 payment transactions on the Bitcoin network simultaneously, the network will be congested, and miners would need to stop all other activities. With a processing speed of 3 transactions per second, the network would be congested for nearly an hour.

Amaze significantly improves in this area, with transaction capabilities reaching hundreds of thousands per second, surpassing the total of all current online payment giants. It offers extremely low fees and second-level transaction confirmation, effectively supporting massive transaction volumes during shopping peaks like Black Friday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Lotte Lucky Bag Festival.

Blockchain Banking Solution

Amaze's financial applications support blockchain banking functions like account opening, pledging, loans, and currency exchange. It can handle transactions, payments, and transfers for billions of accounts, with second-level transaction confirmation, year-round, 24/7 uninterrupted online service, no single point of failure, and supports financial-grade transaction security.

Blockchain Insurance Services

The Amaze platform offers a range of trustworthy and secure blockchain insurance applications, including smart contract signing, insurance, third-party claims, and damage assessment services. Global users can participate, providing protection to customers suffering accidents and misfortune through collective strength. Amaze's oracles make actuarial calculations more reasonable, and this new type of insurance can continuously improve its payout capability through methods like digital asset appreciation.

Search Engine Innovation

Amaze enhances the credibility and authenticity of search content significantly using blockchain technologies and solutions like digital signatures and data on-chain. By providing more accurate, true, and trustworthy search results, Amaze sets new standards for the search industry, innovating search engines, and paving new paths for blockchain business models.

E-commerce Optimization

E-commerce is revolutionizing traditional consumption and retail industries. Amaze blockchain technology evolves the model of "manufacturers selling goods to consumers through e-commerce platforms" to "manufacturers selling goods directly to consumers." By putting transaction data on-chain, Amaze achieves traceability and tracking of product origin and logistics, greatly reducing the circulation of counterfeit goods.

Amaze achieves second-level peer-to-peer payments, supporting e-commerce transactions and payments in the virtual world anytime, anywhere. Amaze's e-commerce platform is also a dynamic "credit" database. The inherent "trust" of blockchain technology ensures the quality of data on the chain, where every product, merchant behavior, consumer behavior, funds, logistics, and even reviews are permanently recorded and transparent.

Amaze's e-commerce platform has significantly expanded its trading scope, not only trading traditional goods but also a large number of original knowledge products, virtual products, and services, such as teaching, cultural and ideological dissemination, foreign languages, guitar classes, yoga, artworks including digital art, legal consultation, gaming companionship, etc. Amaze can effectively ensure the rights of these products and services, thereby supporting their circulation and trade.

Gaming Applications

The Amaze platform combines blockchain, gaming, and network computing power to provide gamers with a reliable economic system, virtual identities and assets, strong social connections, and an open content creation platform. The self-organizing form of blockchain community governance better supports the UGC model of games.

Amaze supports rich and flexible DeFi applications, ensuring a sustainable, transparent, and fair economic system. In traditional centralized games, there is a lack of a transparent and fair economic system, often resulting in disproportionate player investment and returns. However, on the Amaze platform, all game virtual identities and assets can be fairly traded, and in-game equipment, decorations, and land rights can become virtual assets for fair trade.


The Metaverse is a virtual world innovated through public chain distributed databases, trust mechanisms, identity recognition, and other technological means, interacting and mapping with the real world to form a digital living space with a new social system.

The Metaverse is essentially the virtualization and digitization of the real world, deeply transforming content production, economic systems, user experience, and physical world content. With the support of shared infrastructure, standards, and protocols, it gradually forms a complete Metaverse through the integration and evolution of various tools and platforms. It offers immersive experiences using extended reality technology, generates mirrors of the real world using digital twin technology, and constructs economic systems using blockchain technology, tightly integrating the virtual world with the real world in terms of economic, social, and identity systems, enabling every user to participate in content production and world editing.

With its powerful processing capability and capacity, Amaze enables billions of users to smoothly access virtual identities and assets in the Metaverse, engaging in creation, communication, and experiences, thereby driving human civilization to a new stage.

Short Video Field

Amaze provides massive shared storage space across the network for short videos, supporting work display, comments, rankings, and community trading meetings. Users can watch videos based on their preferences and use AI technology to recommend interesting short videos. Additionally, everyone can issue NFTs to showcase their artistic talents.

Storage Services

Amaze offers indefinite duration, multiple disaster recovery backups, and massive shared on-chain storage space. This includes backups of contacts, messages, photos, software, videos in mobile phones; files, work, and material backups in computers or laptops; personal social relations, growth experiences, travel experiences, medical health data, and even gene data backups.

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